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For those looking for a referral Chris Ocker is an active pilot who is branching out into instruction. (717) 512-8140 He is located in Newville PA.


Slugger's PPG is a Powered Paragliding school located in Shippensburg, PA & Libertytown, MD. I offer training, service, and sales for all the equipment you will need to fly a PPG. Have you ever remembered looking to the sky, and watching the birds float along gliding thru the air? As a child did you ever think of jumping off a roof with a parachute made from your bed sheet? If so PPG may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Powered Paragliding is the simplest form of human motorized flight: no airplane, no windshield, just you in control, flying through the air. It launches from a field, is easy to fly, to transport, and is inherently stable while offering amazingly precise control. The paraglider wing itself has no rigid structure—the pilot sits in a seat, suspended by lines. The paramotor, a backpack power unit that attaches to the harness, provides thrust for climbing up higher and flying level at your own will.

  • Welcome To Sluggers PPG Sreving the D.C., Baltimore, MD, PA, VA, WV area. Come learn to fly with us.
  • Low fly by. Ryan T. Pilot
  • Pilot Adam P.
  • Matcho Men
  • Shippensburg PAOur primary training field, very big, very flat, perfect.
  • Edel Power AtlasI still recommenced these for the pilot who wants maximum safety, I still own one myself as well.
  • I could use a few more toys, for sure.
  • Tow Launch trainingWe use towing as a step stone from ground to flying, w/o a motor on your 1st flight.
  • “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci
  • How high can you go ?About that high, 13,306 AGL
  • Slugfest 2010Slugg with dual 36" dia. socks ~30' long
  • TRAFFIC @!!!!
  • Skittles can't fly, FYI.
  • A perfect student landing pilot Mike L.
  • Air DropSkill, fineness, expertise, big balls...
  • Hangcheck / SimGot to get it right before takeoff, common sense.
  • Happy BuiliX Owner after Solopilot, Joe
  • Students on skill demo.Fly straight down parallel to runway. part of PPG1/2.
  • FlyinRight before gaggle took off as wind died off.
  • SluggerOne of last flights before winter.
  • Real EquipmentGet an aircraft, not a cart with wheels !!! - SPPG
  • Winter flying
  • My new Freshbreeze monster back in 2004; I still basically am flying this same unit with repairs and maintenance along the way.
  • No Steperpilot Dan K.
  • One of theese gliders is not like the other.
  • Once upon in mexico...I go jump off some clifs at various places as I get time and funds.
  • Harrsions fieldSPPG has been flying here for over a decade.
  • Sluggman along tree line.
  • Slugger; it feels like I am a bird free in the in the air !!! Thank You.
  • SPPG crew chillin.a.k.a. "parawaiting"
  • Around BalloonSPPG know a few Balloon crews... were all slow flyin guys.
  • The Right Stuff... SPPG
  • Training hillThanks Sluggeer your instruction is real world experience thru and thru.
  • Looking South in OBXOutterbanks, NC
  • ShippensburgField is capable of multiple simultaneous takeoffs and landings.
  • pilot Marty G.
  • The great Ohio ocean, Lake Erie.
  • Cruzinpilot Maury
  • html slideshowpilot Jermery W.
  • OLD SCHOOLMany of the people who shaped the sport into what it is today are in this picture from 2002; Slugger is lower left.
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Contact Information: James Coblentz
aka "Slugger" < "A pilot nick name."
I am a USPPA instructor, a USHGA P4, and active and instructing Powered Paragliding (PPG) for over 10 yr's in the MD & PA area. Give us a call and get started with your own PPG flying machine.

Main/Cell: 240-367-0306


4/2019 -- See Facebook for more at

Weather is the key to PPG flight and training, Pilots who learn to interpret the weather and react correctly to it by far are more successful than those who do not pay attention to what the air is curently up to. Learning to read the weather, thermals, and winds and make a educated guess as to there developments or declines in the near future before flying will save many PPG pilot neophytes a great deal of disquietude. - Slugger

List not active. 2017.

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Fresh Breeze Paramotors are precision crafted in Germany from quality components and come loaded with options and features. They are known as the most reliable and quietest units in the industry.


Top quality equipment, proven instruction, and technical support; Slugger's PPG.