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Our mission statement:

Ltl-Sluggers PPG Sales and Service is a powered paragliding school & club, situated in MD and PA, USA. We offer training to new students and established pilots, tow flights, service and repair of gear, run exotic flying trips, and powered paragliding-related sales to the greater Washington / Baltimore Metro area. We service both the inexperienced, first day pilot to the well-seasoned veteran pilot. We fly at various flying fields in the area, depending on weather and location possibility for all our members. We actively partake in as many social flying events as possible, thereby promoting the sport of powered paragliding and sharing our love for flying with others. Including the old club we have been active since 1998, and we continue to grow.

Contact Information:
James Coblentz
a.k.a. "Slugger" < "A pilot nick name."

I am a USPPA instructor, a USHGA P4, and active and instructing Powered Paragliding (PPG) for over 10 yr's in the MD & PA area. Give us a call and get started with your own PPG flying machine.

Main/Cell: 240-367-0306
E-mail: Slugger@SluggersPPG.com

About our cheif instructor:

James Coblentz is our main instructor He has been flying since 1999 and has logged over 2000 ppg and pg flights, competed in national and other flying competitions, and has trained 100’s students in the past years. He has also mastered wing control to the point of being able to perform various difficult maneuvers that would be dangerous for all but the most seasoned pilot, and is one of the most respected pilots in the powered paragliding community. James is a dealer with SouthernSkies and can provide high quality German made new gear sized correctly for your skill level and needs. James is a rated USHGA P4 (advanced), a USHGA observer, and a USPPA instructor. He has many special skill’s sign offs. James is an expert at repairing PPG motors and can fix most any problem sometimes in the middle of a field. Finally James has also worked full time for other schools as an instructor and repair technician in the paragliding industry.

Contact Information:
Rick P.

I love my Slugger, when are we going to goto next man ! I think we need to goto fly some remote cannon in the middle of nowhere next, man !


About this assistant instructor:

Rick is a great guy, he has been flying under my wing for over 5 years and owns multiple motor units and wings, Rick is a super people person and can teach many small nuances to the new pilot and he has 1000's of tricks for doing this or that to fly more easily or more smoothly. Rick has flown all over the US with me from NJ to FL and out in NV. He has a thorough understanding of how powered paragliding is taught and how our equipment integrates with our personal technique to allow us to fly enjoyably and safely.

Contact Information:
Travis D.

I am great pilot; I love to fly PPG. I have been flying since 2008 and have quite a few flights under my belt. Slugger is my orginial instructor and I keep learning from him everyday.


About this assistant instructor:

Travis is a well accomplished pilot; he is very strong individual and has a good eye for proper flight techniques. He is a wonder with helping new students learning to control their wings. Travis is also a good mechanic and can help tune and fix motors at the field. If you ever see Travis tow he can catch any little error and get super high, he takes it to an art form and is a joy to watch. He has a thorough understanding of how powered paragliding is taught and how our equipment integrates with our personal technique to allow us to fly enjoyably and safely.