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Contact Information: James Coblentz
aka "Slugger" < "A pilot nick name."
I am a USPPA instructor, a USHGA P4, and active and instructing Powered Paragliding (PPG) for over 10 yr's in the MD & PA area. Give us a call and get started with your own PPG flying machine.

Main/Cell: 240-367-0306
E-mail: Slugger@SluggersPPG.com

Directions to Shippensburg:

Airport is closed forever ... 4-1-2017 :(

Address for GPS: 10 Airport Ln. Shippensburg, PA 17257

To get to the field is very easy; just get to I-81 in south "middle" PA and get to exit #29. The field is 3 min's away from the interchange with the highway. Shippensburg has shopping; Lowes and Wal-mart right here as well.

From Baltimore, MD DC area: Come up I-270 to I-70 or direct on I-70 and travel to Frederick, MD continue on I-70 30 miles over the mountains till you reach I-81 (go north) MD is very narrow here only 10 miles wide so in 5 miles you will be in PA and only 20-30 min's out from field Continue up I-81 till you get to Shippensburg exit #29.

South VA: Take I-66 to front Royal and pick up I-81 north. go as above.

East PA: Take R-30 west from York, PA and trudge on thru to I-81. (R30 and I-81 are exit #16) so once you get thru R30 your real close to exit #29.

After exit 29: From the south it's almost a U turn to the right off the exit ramp and on to Hershey Rd. From the north cross over the highway the bridge and right turn on to Hershey Rd. Follow Hershey Rd. and you will go right by the closed down truck stop. Continue on down the road and you will go thru (2) two 90deg bends on Hershey Rd. right in the middle of a small trailer park. Continue on around and you will run into Airport Rd. at the first 4 way stop, Go left. and follow along Airport Rd. and it will duck under a large rail road bridge. After that R.R. bridge; start looking left for Airport Ln. It looks like a crush and run driveway and it's very easy to miss. Look for the street sign and old rusted pole with shippensburg airport welded on it. (See picture of the Airport Ln. turn below)

NOTE: If your in a tall RV you make not make it under the rail bridge, however there is alternate route (see oversize RV map); only the super big guys like coach "sizeish" have a issue.

Click for large size

Link to yahoo maps centered on Airport Lane.

Link to AirNAV site with Airport spec's and stuff.   (Shippensburg's Airport ID is N42 fyi.)

A picture of the Airport Ln.turn into the flyin off from Airport Rd. It is very easy to miss.
(Click for large size)
A picture of the alternate "Over-height" RV/Truck way to field. Rail road bridge calls out 13'-7" clearance; but a long coach will be difficult with the dip and turn, normal RV's don't pose a issue.

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Address for GPS: 10 Airport Ln. Shippensburg, PA 17257

Still Lost ... call my (Slugger's) cell 240-367-0306.

Shippensburg Airport:

Field diagram: Please see below for camp areas (pink in color) and parking areas (yellow behind hanger) if your a pilot you will be able to drive out to one of these (pink areas) to get your gear close. Non flying spectators plz park behind the hanger (yellow area). Pilots please don't keep using same wheel lines it's huge field mix it up and spread out the damage to the grass. If you need to leave in your car over and over again please use the yellow parking behind the hanger. The main runway is marked (blue color) while we can fly over, layout, launch, land, footdrag, and anything else we need to fly. Please don't block the run way with anything static or permanent as a ultralight may come in and need to land. Green area is where we all can hang out eat and such. (Click below for large size)

Field Diagram, Click for large size

Field pictures: See below to see the the shear size and openness of Shippensburg that make it perfect for PPG.

Air shot from south end of field. (Click for large size)

Field to the south. (Click for large size)

Field to the west. (Click for large size)

Field to the north. (Click for large size)

Air shot from N end of main runway. (Click for large size)

Looking down from above. (Click for large size)

Hotels & Stuff @ Shippensburg:

There is a few options for hotels and camping as you can see below by far the best if you need a room is the Best Western it is clean and nice and has a indoor pool. The Roadway Inn is a option right across from the closed truck stop. Wal-mart, Lowes, Wendy's, Burgerking, Rudders are all close options for those in need of stuff. (~10 min drive for anything) Antiques abound in Shippensburg send the girls out with the credit card and they will find something to there liking.

The field : Get up take 4 steps hookin launch go back to sleep what could be better. (0 min's to field) Free with pilot fee else $45 per grp/tent/camper.

Shippensburg, PA 17257 Shippensburg Airport, ID # is N42


Best western: Nice and close, best bet for tired pilots and wife's who need to be comfy. (4 min's to field)

125 Walnut Bottom Rd
Shippensburg, PA 17257

Phone: (717) 532-5200 Fax: (717) 532-7148


Road Way Inn: Your basic highway hotel. Plain rooms; but the closest hotel to the fly-in. (2 min's to field)

10 Hershey Rd
Shippensburg, PA 17257               (Click here for blow up picture of hotel)

Phone: (717) 530-1234


Other Hotel Options:

Shippen Place Hotel, Shippensburg

McLean House Bed and Breakfast, Shippensburg

Theo's Inn, Shippensburg

Food, Repair, and more:

See the map below for Lowes, Wal-mart -super "has food", Rudders, Sunoco, Supermarkets, Sushi, and more.

Click for large size

Harrsions Airport:


Harrsions Airport:

This field is a long time PPG friendly airfield; however the land owner has asked that no new students take there first flights here and that only established pilots fly. As such you need approval from Slugger before you can fly at Harrsions and about 10 good demonstrated flights under your belt. So that your in control of your glider and not looking like a neophyte.

From Baltimore, MD or DC area:
It is about a 1 hour drive.

Pictures: (click for large size)