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So you want to see some pictures, hua ? Well I have been flying for over 10 years and I have taken some awesome pictures over the years. I have made some gallery's for you to peruse, some are limited to one specific trip others are a hodge podge of pictures with some random factor tying them together. On a odd note as I was starting looking thru my picture folders to make a few starter albums for this site you can actually see digital cameras getting better over the decade as the megapixles have gone up and the quality of the charged coupled devices (CCD's) and there support electronics has improved. A odd fact to notice, I am starting to feel old. Pictures can tell a story sometimes it's a bit hard to find but if we look deep we can find the meaning of them. Well enjoy these pictures and I hope they kindle your desire to look to the sky and wonder.


See the facebook page for current pictures, you don't need a facebook acount to look on a company page. So if you want to see the pictures and don't want to facebook it's no problem, just ignore all the "please join popups" LOL. - Slugger.



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Local SPPG Albums

Sluggers Tecopa,CA Trip, 10/25/2011
Quote: "Take a dip, is not just a saying ... it's a way of life."
Well Ryan and Laura invited me to come out with them to see the desert, I had no idea it would be so fun; the desert changes you and you feel free and alive. There is no way to explain it you must experience it.

Tecopa, CA: Slugger, Rick, & George; 1/20/2012
Quote: "A'hh NO a flying adrinline dump !!! humm where to land; and damm and these are good socks !!!"

Slugger, Rick, George, came out to visit Ryan in Tecopa. We flew Lake Mead, a huge dry lake bed, the dunes, and Shi-Shonie. It was an awesome time; as far as the “adrenalin dump” we coined that phrase for Rick due to a certain pre-flight ritual he took up; thats not brownies in the bags he is holding out at arms length !! LOL !!. Overall all we rocked it out.

10 years ago; ~/2002
Quote: "The good ole day's, Let me get my Prima II out - it's alot better than the one."

I realized I have been doing this for more than 10 years, here are some old shots of the some of starting people in PPG a trip down memory lane for sure. Some have moved on ... a few are still around like me.

Various PPG pic's, 8/31/2013
Quote: "Get your gear, get your training, get some air."

Random pictures from August 2013.

Outer Banks smash up of years, 9/19/13
Quote: "Oddly mag wheel lug nut covers can be made of plastic & not hold body weight..."

Smash up of a few of the NC OBX trips we take each year to year; I tried to pick the best from each years 100's of photos, of course I favored 2013 as that was the trip we just did when I made this album.

Tecopa, CA: Slugger, 3/11/2013
Quote: "If your in congress with the toilet and you can observe the stars; can you not ponder them more profoundly since all of man knows we do our most penetrating contemplation on the throne."

I went out to see Ryan and Laura again for a little R & R. We flew, We hanged, We rode; in fact we took an all day dirtbike ride and I checked out a few old mines. I even found a silver/lead vein (not worth extracting.) All in all a great quick 4 day trip.

SPPG Guided tour, Tecopa CA, 11/7/2014

SPPG ran a guided tour with Ryan of the Death Valley Desert, Fun was had by all it was awesome. We flew dry lake beds, mine launch, desert roads, shonie airport, durmount dunes, and more. Offroad action was had by all. Scott grashiously sacrificed his prop to the betterment of the trip and we all were dead tired from all the fun we had. Thanks Ryan.

Poo Landing, Libertytown MD, 1/1/2001
Quote: "Fly PPG good, Hei ... Fly PPG not so good, Squish ... Understand Daniel son?"

Well one day Joe Bob was flying over .... (Blank starter album)