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Nothing of note now...

I keep a selection of spares in the trailer at all times; bolts, doughnuts, wingsocks, fuel cups, cordage, plugs, carb parts, FB replacment parts, pistions, tach's & more. Call (240)-367-0306

Our Scoter Tow rig is for sale, $5,000 firm.

Honda Elite 250 Scooter Tow $5k rebuilt completely in 2010 all new wear parts in the final drive torque converter and maintained by myself for use in my school always kept in Hanger many upgrades!

I rebuilt and replaced all of the drive wear parts in the entire torque converter 2010. Added spool winder like bait caster with timing belt off main drum but scaled up. Has a widened main drum that holds 7000 ft. of 1/8 in spectra and currently has 5000 ft. on it presently with 500 ft. red marked ends. Equipped with an auto brake keeps line from making a rat nest when pilot releases and tension drops off suddenly. Includes steel mast 6 foot tall 8" diameter aluminum drum turn around pulley that fits in a 2” hitch receiver and 2nd aluminum portable small bock pulley for tying off to trees and the like. I also added a secondary line spool for fixing line issues or can be used to hold additional line for higher tows has hand crank and pistol drill adapter it also rotates out of way for storage out of way when not in use. Main drum has a new 2nd hi speed bearing and pillow block to main drum with machined 1 1/2 shaft and 2nd steel support that allows towing up to the max force the scooter can produce and allows smooth operation thru out all speeds and tensions. Upgraded remote throttle so operator can stand beside rig not on it and changed to bike brake throttle (like PPG) v.s. a rotating motorcycle throttle this is much smoother for PG towing and operator can face any direction easily. Tow rig comes on road legal trailer not tagged presently, it’s a very small one any car can tow 4’x8’ with like 12” tires and a spare is included. Large wood battery holder and cables, no need to use small scooter battery fiberglass jump cable holder built in also, no shorts with fiberglass. Rig has a built on telescoping windsock pole. Includes the full scooter service manual < not instructions the service manual for mechanics. Has mounted steel ammo storage cans for tow equipment. Some loose items include: leach line, drogue chute, tow back chain weight, new spark plug, new coolant, oil, grease for spool winder, 2 or 3 school tow bridles, operator hook knife, and a few spare parts and thimbles. Scooter is Honda elite 250 maintained by myself for use in my school always kept in hanger. I would like to see this rig stay in the east coast area as there are not many around. Selling due to closing school this June Rig was in use till then. Unit is in MD price is firm at $5000.

The 1979 international harvester cub cadet lawn mower seen in videos is for sale as well. Old solid steel mower works great as tow rig anchor not like plastic junk today and cut grass like a champ, Hydrostatic drive $350


Videos of tow in use…
https://youtu.be/1hqOIbj2AaQ <had good shoot of rig operating with brake and winder.

James C. / Slugger